Humanistic Easter Annals was established in 2004 as a community initiative men of science. The journal is published by the Society for Science and Culture Libra. Dominated by two assumptions program. The first is an interdisciplinary, but set in a circle humanities, range of interests. We want to facilitate scholars from various disciplines in the humanities (especially history, philosophy, history, literature, art history, etc.) Mutual learning achievements and workshop. The second objective is to create a platform for the exchange of research results of scientists interested in issues of East European.Works published in the Annal is divided between three sections: 1) studies 2) materials and sources 3) polemics, review, report. Nearly one third of published works is by scientists from Eastern European countries (Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova and Belarus). All works published in our journal are reviewed by independent researchers specializing in relevant fields. The texts are published in the conference languages (Russian, French, English) or native to the issues (Polish, Ukrainian). Usually texts are accompanied by two abstracts: in English and in Polish or Russian.
, philosophy, literature, slavic, history, archeology

Points in the ranking of the ministry:

Year Category Segment Date of publication
2019 20 2019-31-07
2016 B 7 2016-12-09
2015 B 7 2015-12-23
2014 B 5 2014-12-23
2013 B 5 2013-12-17
2012 B 4 2012-12-20
2011 B 4 2012-12-20
2010 B 2 2010-11-06
2009 B 2 2009-05-05
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