Eastern Humanist Yearbook was established in 2004 as an independent social initiative of scholars. The journal is published by the Society for Science and Culture ‘Libra’. Two program assumptions dominate. The first is an interdisciplinary range of interests, but within the scope of the humanities and social sciences. We want to make it easier for scholars from humanities and social sciences (especially history, philosophy, literary history, art history, political science, etc.) to get to know each other’s accomplishments and techniques. The second assumption is to create a platform for the exchange of research results for scientists interested in Eastern European issues. We focus on initiating and publishing research on the role of Central and Eastern Europe in the history (and more broadly – culture) of Poland, and on the participation of Poland and Poles in the history and culture of this part of Europe. Thus, in our journal we present the results of research on the history and humanities of the lands that used to be part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and more broadly – of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe related to the history of Poland, and above all, of the territories of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. We hope that thanks to this it will be possible to coordinate better than before the research on this part of the cultural heritage of the Polish nation. The works published in the Yearbook are divided into three sections: 1) dissertations and studies 2) materials and sources 3) polemics, reviews, and reports. Nearly one-third of the published papers are written by scientists from Eastern Europe (Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova and Belarus). All works published in our journal are reviewed by independent researchers specializing in relevant fields. The texts are published in the conference languages (Russian, French, English) or in languages related to specific issues (Polish, Ukrainian). Usually texts are accompanied by two abstracts: in English and in Polish or Russian.
, philosophy, literature, slavic, history, archeology


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Year Category Segment Date of publication
2019 20 2019-31-07
2016 B 7 2016-12-09
2015 B 7 2015-12-23
2014 B 5 2014-12-23
2013 B 5 2013-12-17
2012 B 4 2012-12-20
2011 B 4 2012-12-20
2010 B 2 2010-11-06
2009 B 2 2009-05-05
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