Reviewing procedure

The procedure for reviewing articles in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which was included in the brochure: “Good practices in reviewing procedures in science” Warsaw 2011.
1. Thematic editor submits the submitted articles to a preliminary formal assessment and then presents the Editorial Board.
2. Editorial Board selects as Reviewers specialists in a given field who have at least a post-doctoral degree and are not employed at the author’s university, with whom the publisher concludes a contract for the preparation of reviews.
3. The papers are reviewed confidentially and anonymously,
4. The author receives the reviewer’s recommendations and suggestions, corrects the work or responds to comments, refers to the Editor and is in constant contact with him until the publication of the work in print.
5. The list of reviewers is published on the website in the form of a College of reviewers.

Review form